A heritage Ngor Hiang and Prawn Noodle Shop

四十年的老味道 · 波东巴西的老中中五香和河南蝦面。

A heritage Ngor Hiang (five spice) stall (Lao Zhong Zhong)and prawn noodle shop (Hoe Nam)at Potong Pasir.


The Ngor Hiang stall has been around since 70s and has already been selected as the best Ngor Hiang stall since 1986. The famous food blogger ieatishootipost described the discovering of the Ngor Hiang here is like opening your “O” level results slip and finding out your got straight A’s when you only got 3 A’s in your prelims!!


The prawn noodle is in business for more than 40 years. It has been selected as the top ten prawn noodle in Singapore by several food blogger. The coffee shop is occupied just by this prawn noodle stall and so you can see how strong is the business.


The stall and the shop is located just opposite each other. I can see some people ordered the Ngor Hiang and brought over to the shop opposite to eat with the prawn noodle. It is for sure the most perfect match. Another great experience in Singapore.


Lao Zhong Zhong
29 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347858
11:30am to 11:30pm
Closed on alternate Monday.

Hoe Nam (River South) Prawn Noodles
31 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347859
Closed once a month on Mondays
Tel: 62819293


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