A Teochew ah ma and Teochew fish rice


The Teochew Ah Ma has been selling Teochew fish rice at Bukit Merah View wet market since 1973. At the age of 73 today, she still engage in this traditional dying business regardless of low profit margin. The main purpose is to keep herself active. She also joked about she does not play mahjong and her grandchildren have all grown up so to run this business is her best past time. Her friends always visit her at her stall. She has prepared a number of chairs for them to sit. The stall has been a good gathering place for them. This is another reason to keep her going.

Now she is old and don’t know how long she can still operate the business. She and his husband used to own a market and started work at 3am everyday. Now with her age, she has to keep the business simple. As long as she is still healthy, she will continue to keep the business going.



A link about Teochew fish rice:



红山景 (出售熟鱼)- 亚妹
Blk 115
Bukit Merah View Market / Food Centre
Singapore 151115

Closed on Monday.

Contact: 65-96120610 (HP), 62738843 (Home)


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