Johor Bahru Durian Research 2

Found another good place to have durian around Johor Bahru – Heng Heng 88 Durian of Ah Boon.

The owner Ah Boon is from Tangkak.  They collected their durian every morning from his own estate and drove to Gelang Patah for selling.  He has rented an old shop house there (Gelang Patah) and the shop will be opened only during durian season.  We found the shop by chance when we were on the way to have lunch in Gelang Patah.  There were a group of people gathered in front of this shop.  That drew our attention.

The quality of the durian is good.  We had 101, tekka, red prawn and golden phoenix there.  The quality is reliable and the price is competitive.  The 101 cost RM15 per kilo.  For tekka and red prawn is RM25.  The owner Ah Boon has offered us a free red prawn and 2 golden phoenix.  He is a generous and friendly durian seller.  We had 3 big red prawn (around 2 kg each), 1 big 101 (around 2kg), 1 tekka (around 1.5 kg), 2 king of cat.  It cost us RM200 for all.  Not to mention the 1 free red prawn and 2 golden phoenix offered by the boss.

Since we visited the shop at off peak hour at around 3pm, the durian has almost sold out and there was not many customer, the boss has thought us how to eat durian.  We should start with the sweet one like 101 follow by the bitter one like tekka and red prawn.  The tekka is normally bitter as well as red prawn.  But the bitterness of red prawn will make your tongue numbed.

My first Johor Bahru durian research.  Heng Heng 88 Durian is the best so far among the durian stalls that I have been as posted in my first Johor Bahru durian research in year 2014. It is because the durian quality is good and reliable.  There have a number of varieties to try out.  The owner is friendly, generous and willing to share the knowledge.

Visited Heng Heng 88 Durian (Ah Boon Durian) on 11 Jul 15.

I visited the same shop on 17 Jul 15 again.  We bought the famous and top grade Mao Shan Wang durian (or Musang King) during this trip.  Photo as below:


No 26, Jalan Kacang Buncis,
81550 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia.


IMG_2214 heng heng 88 durian ah boon


Photo below: Durian below include Red Prawn, Mao Wang (King of Cat ) and Jing Feng (Golden Phoenix).



Useful link (how to spot Mao Shan Wang durian) by Johor Kaki.









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