Cendol Pak’o’ ABC

To have chendol at this little Indian mamak stall next to the main bus station of Batu Pahat is a real treat.  The small bowl of chendol is definitely affordable (only $1.20).  I like having food at mamak stall because the atmosphere is relax and you do not need to feel bad with the bill (imagine a bowl of chendol in Melaka may cost RM4.50).  No dress code.  No chaser and nobody waiting beside you for the table because there are plenty of mamak stalls in Malaysia.

P1200211cendol pako batu pahat

Having say that, this Cendol Pak’o ABC is different and stand out with others.  The chendol here has a history of some 60 years. The family has been running the business for generations.  Between early 1930s and 1940s, Abdul Jabdur Mohamad Kassim from India who believed he has picked up the chendol recipe from Indonesia before he settled in Batu Pahat.  The recipe has not been changed until today.

P1200228cendol pako batu pahat

As compared to other ‘renovated’ chendol mixed with durian or with other ingredients, I prefer this traditional type.  Just a simple small bowl of chendol with coconut milk, gula Melaka, green bean flour droplets with pandan leaf extract and shaved ice.  A perfect dessert to cool off the heat during hot day and a taste of childhood.

Google coordinate  – 1.853609,102.926122

GPS – N 1.51.217  E 102.55.567

Contact:  (6)012-747-4679

Location – Bustand Lama,Jalan Omar, Batu Pahat, Johor

P1200223cendol pako batu pahat

P1200210cendol pako batu pahat

P1200212cendol pako batu pahat


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