Hian Kee Belacan Mee Hoon

Date visited – 5 Oct 2014

That was probably 25 years ago my mom bought this belacan mee hoon back for our lunch.  My mom is a belacan, shrimp and mee hoon lover.  Not sure how she got to know this new opened stall.  I remember she brought the mee hoon back with a extremely satisfied expression because this belancan mee hoon consists of exactly the 3 things that she like.

P1200193Hian Kee or Xiang Ji Belacan Mee Hoon Batu Pahat

Sometime a small thing like this can stay in your memory even after many years.  I still can remember clearly I love this belancan mee hoon instantly 25 years ago.  My mom told me the stall owner was from Kg. Segenting.  Kg. Segenting is one of a small fishing village in Batu Pahat.  Because of this, the shrimp which is one of the main ingredient of this belacan mee hoon is fresh.  It is nice when you bite the shrimp meat together with the slightly crispy and ‘burned’ mee hoon (taste of wor hei).   The best thing is the shell of the shrimp has already been removed and this add up the level of enjoyment.

P1200206Hian Kee or Xiang Ji Belacan Mee Hoon Batu Pahat

The belancan mee hoon of Xiang Ji (Hian Kee)  is definitely one of my favourite hometown food.  It is part of my childhood memory and it is great that the business is still running well up to now.

P1200190Hian Kee or Xiang Ji Belacan Mee Hoon Batu Pahat

P1200187Hian Kee or Xiang Ji Belacan Mee Hoon Batu Pahat

Xiang Ji (Hian Kee) Belacan Mee Hoon 香记巴拉煎米粉
Location:  (贪吃街)  Jalan Pengkai, Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Business hour: 9:30am till night.

Coordinate –  1.854668, 102.927754
GPS – N 1.51.280, E 102.55.665


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