Johor 1 day Trip

At 1pm –

Our one day itinerary to Johor started at 1pm from Singapore on 12 Jul 14 (Saturday) via Tuas 2nd link.  The One Motor link show the traffic at Tuas Checkpoint was good.

At 2:15pm – 

We arrived Gelang Patah at 2:15pm.  Our initial place for lunch is a restaurant we have not tried before – Star Chef Restaurant.  But the restaurant was closed for afternoon when we were there.  Good that our all time favourite restaurant – Chua Kee Restaurant,  also in Gelang Patah, was opened.  Because the main focus of our trip is durian., we decided to order light for lunch.  The light lunch turned out to be a unexpected highlight of our 1 day Johor trip.  The premier hor fun (flat rice noodle) was simply good and the delicious pork trotters was memorable.  One of my friend even purposely went back with another group of friends for the hor fun one week later.

GPS: N 1.26.868, E 103.35.163
Google Co-ordinator: 1.447799, 103.586051
Address: 蔡記海鮮 Restoran Chua Kee,  67 Jalan Kachang Panjang,  81550 Gelang Patah, Johor
Tel: 07-510 3198
Operating hours: Closed on alternative Wednesday.  Open from lunch to dinner.

P1190213Johor 1 day trip

Super good premier seafood hor fun with woi hei.  河粉大杂烩。

Just a side note for a blog I found while writing this itinerary about good hor fun with woi hei in Singapore recommended by ieatishootipost.

P1190217Johor 1 day trip

A surprising delicious traditional pork trotters bee hoon.  I never had this dish in other restaurant before (or probably I have not tried to order before).

Another side note – How to cook this traditional pork trotters bee hoon by Mrs Lee –

At 3:30 pm –

Because July is the durian season, there are a number of durian stall set up around Chua Kee Restaurant.  The first durian we tried was golden gourd (photo below).  It was called golden gourd because the shape of the durian look like a gourd.  The durian stall owner said we normally can get D24 and Mountain Cat King durian for almost any time of the year but Golden Gourd is only available during durian season.  We all agreed Golden Gourd was superb.  Five of us we ordered 2 and it cost us RM30.  We satisfied with both the price and quality.

There is always at least one durian stall opposite Chua Kee Restaurant even it is off season so this is another reason to come here to have seafood cum durian as dessert at the same time.  Just bear in mind off-season durian will be more expensive and the quality will be lower.

P1190224Johor 1 day trip

 At 4:00 pm –

We decided to move on because what we actually wanted was to taste durian in the wild.  We have visited some durian stalls along the way from Gelang Patah to Pontian (or Pekan Nanas) one week ago.  Since it is near to Gelang Patah, we decided to follow the same route for another round of durian hunting.  Unfortunately both durian stalls we knew have already closed for the day (one of them was the popular Uncle Lim durian farm), we simply stopped for another durian stall also beside an oil palm plantation.  The durian stall was run by an old Malay uncle.  He looked kind.  What he had was just local durian with no name.  The price was really low (we have 4 durian for RM20) and the quality of the durian is normal.  One of durian was not ripe enough and the old owner gave us another durian and treated us a bunch of rambutan in return.  This was touching.  We probably can only get this kind of friendliness in Malaysia.   Sometimes to have good durian is not really important, it is the people you meet and the wild surrounding and the company to taste the durian together that matters.

Google coordinator: 1.501937, 103.546060
GPS: N 1.30.116, E 103.32.764

P1190240Johor 1 day trip

At 5:00pm –

We left the durian stall to our next destination at around 4:40pm.   Since we are still full and cannot go straight for dinner, we decided to visit one of the most expensive property in Southern Johor.  The properly scene is booming in this part of Malaysia because of the Iskandar plan.  You can see show flat and construction everywhere and so to visit show flat has become of the things to do in Johor.   The property we planned to visit is Emerald Bay.  It supposes to replicate Sentosa Cove in Singapore.  A super high-end development.  The surrounding is truly peaceful.  The Johor Straits here really looks more beautiful than the part we see from Johor Bahru City.  We enjoyed the short stop.

Emerald Bay website –
Google coordinator: 1.422755,103.667418
GPS: N 1.25.365,  E 103.40.045

P1190243Johor 1 day trip

P1190252Johor 1 day trip


At 5:45pm –

We were on the road again at 5:45pm.  The next destination was Taman Pelangi.  We planned to have Teohchew food for dinner there.  Since the late lunch and durian feast have not been totally digested, we decided to give ourselves another treatment – one of the top ten activities to do in Johor Bahru – Foot reflexology and massage to push our Johor one day trip to another level.   I did not do any research for massage but I think the promotion package of RM68 offered by Wangsa Sihat is a good deal.  The package is inclusive of foot and shoulder massage for 1.5 hours.  The shoulder massage was actually almost a full massage for back muscle.  The masseur were strong and professional.  My only comment was they seemed to focus on pressing the nerve system rather than the major muscle.  I could not say my muscle was totally relax with the massage but it was a good twist and break in between the late lunch and dinner.


Check out the top 5 massage deals by other blogger for my next trip.

At 8:00pm –

After the massage, we are fully ready for the dinner.  We selected a Teochew restaurant recommended by Johor Kaki.  The shop was recommended by one his friend who grew up in Johor Bahru and it is his favourite restaurant.  This sound attractive to us.  As a Teochew myself, the restaurant did not disappoint me.  It add to my list of restaurant to share with my family in future.

Wah Yew Restaurant 华友
Address: 41, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
Hours: 11am to 9pm
Google coordinator: 1.482055, 103.774157
GPS: N 1.28.923, E 103.46.449

P1190270Johor 1 day trip


P1190273Johor 1 day trip

At 9:30pm –

We end our trip to visit this popular bakery shop in Johor Bahru – Moonlight Cafe.  There is a branch nearby the Teochew Restaurant (walking distance) in Taman Pelangi.  Everybody was happy and one of our friend from Sydney bought more than RM80 of cakes for his breakfast.  According to him, the design of the cakes here are a lot more attractive and variety than in Sydney.  I have bought myself a row of Macaron.  There was 9 Macaron altogether and it cost RM25.

P1190286Johor 1 day trip

At 11:30pm –

Reached Singapore via 1st link (Woodland Checkpoint).


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