Johor Bahru Durian Research

First stall – Uncle Lim Durian Farm

Date visited: 28 Jun 14

There are not many reviews about durian in Johor Bahru in Internet.  Uncle Lim Durian Farm came out in the first place for the search.  It is a durian farm with good marketing tactics and attracts a big number of tourists.  We started our journey to explore the durian of Johor Bahru from this farm since their website contains all the necessary location information.  It was a pleasant drive from Singapore to this farm.

Location: N 1.50178 E 103.54689
GPS: N 01.30.106, E 103.32.813

P1180866Johor Bahru durian review

P1180867Johor Bahru durian review

P1180874Johor Bahru durian review

P1180871Johor Bahru durian review

With the help of GPS, it is easy to find the stall.  It is located at the main road from Johor Bahru to Pontian.  We reached there at around 4:30pm and there were not many durian left to choose.  They said they are famous for the kampong durian and have recommended us to try “Jianghe” aka River (One of the spicy of durian).  We think it is quite expensive because it cost us about RM23 for just a local kampong durian (p/s: Could not exactly remember the price now but I remember it is at the expensive side).  We tried only one and moved to another stall nearby.  One thing good about Uncle Lim farm is they offers more than just durian.  Their popularity made this place like a party place for durian fan.  We saw a number of group stopped here for durian tasting including a group of motorcycle riders from Singapore.  Not bad to have the experience to witness a popular stall.

This is what we feel about Uncle Lim durian farm – Most likely we will not visit Uncle Lim durian farm again because we think it is more for tourist.  However, we don’t mind to bring friends who has not been here to witness the crowds or any foreign friends who have not seen tropical fruits in the wild.  Just order a few durians or some other fruits to taste will do and save your stomach for other stalls.

Second stall – Along Pontian Road near to Uncle Lim Durian Farm

Date visited: 28 Jun 14 / The stall was not opened when I visited on 12 Jul 14 at 4pm.

P1180883Johor Bahru durian review

P1180895Johor Bahru durian review

P1180901Johor Bahru durian review

P1180914Johor Bahru durian review

Photo above –

We saw at least 2 durian stalls along the way from the junction of Johor Bahru to Uncle Lim durian stall at Pekan Nanas.  They are less crowded than Uncle Lim stall.  We decided to give a chance to one of the low profile stall.  I did not record the GPS location for this stall.  It is about 5 minutes drive from Uncle Lim durian farm towards Johor Bahru.  The stall has more durian probably due to lesser customer.  We ordered the local kampong durian (no name) with just half the price of what we got from Uncle Lim farm and the quality was better.  Personally I think to taste durian next to the oil palm plantation is kind of “luxuries” for people like us who live in a city.  With cheaper price, better quality and quieter atmosphere next to oil palm plantation, I think it is worth the stop.

The owner is very humble and does not seem to be good at marketing.  When we asked for name card, the boss said he did not have any name card.  When we asked for his name, telling him we can introduce him in the blog.  He is a bit shy and said just called him “botak” (bold).  It is worthwhile to try any no name stall like this.  Never mind if you could not locate the exact one.  I think to be adventurous is part of the highlights for durian tasting.

Third stall – A stall at Taman Pelangi opposite San Low Seafood Restaurant (the winner)

Date visited: 6 Jul 14

P1190075Johor Bahru durian review

P1190078Johor Bahru durian review

P1190084Johor Bahru durian review

Photo above –

This stall at Taman Petaling so far is the best stall we found in Johor Bahru.  We found this place when we visited (雙 K) Double K.  Double K was recommended by Johor Kaki.  The lady boss (Alive) who own the Double K told us the durian stall opposite the eatery is good and we decided to give it a try after a healthy meal at Double K.  We were impressed with the durian (claimed to be durian 88) even after a hearty meal at Double K.  The meat was so thick and the smell and taste was very rich.  According to the owner of the durian stall, the business is based on frequent and coming back customer.  Because of this, it important for him to ensure the quality is good before he opened the stall.  This is also the reason why the last time he set up the stall was seven months ago.  You can call him at 016-7332727 (Durian Kui) to enquire the availability of durian or make booking.

Location: 1.472161, 103.774784
GPS: N 1.28.330, E 103.46.487

Address: Junction of Jalan Biru 3, Taman Pelangi 80400, Johor Bahru (opposite San Low Seafood Restaurant and Double K)

Business hours:  The stall closed around 4pm.

Google Map  –


My second Johor Bahru durian research.  The durian shop I found at Gelang Patah are better than the above 3 stalls.

Found some other durian tips while writing this blog –

Shiokhochiak introduced a durian buffet at Kampung Teratai.

A forum talked about the durian hunting.

Where is Kampung Teratai?  This will probably be our next destination for durian hunting.  Attached a Google map here for reference –



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  1. Is the durian season still ongoing or is it the end of durians by now? I would like to try the above places, on my way to Pontian to stuff myself with the goodies. Thanks

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