Matsumiya Japanese Artisan Bakery

It is a pleasant visit to Matsumiya Japanese Artisan Bakery in Johor Bahru.  The interior design in Japanese style is good and relax.  The bread looks simple and attractive.  There are a number of healthy version to choose too.  The owner is friendly.  I am impressed there are now more variety of shops that emphasize in life style in Johor Bahru nowadays.  The main purpose for us to go Taman Molek (one of the house estate in Johor Bahru) to visit the Orchestra Café.  Matsumiya Japanese Artisan Bakery is located opposite the Orchestra Café.  The shop is another low profile hidden gem in Johor Bahru.

P1190156Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

“My wife is from Japan.  When we come back from Japan.  We are not sure what to do.  So me and wife discussed why not open a bakery shop?”, the owner said.  “We don’t have plan to have any special design to our shop initially until we run into one of the young interior designer (Chin) in Johor Bahru.  Chin does not normally handle design for a small shop but somehow he decided to help us.  I remember the young designer made the decision to help them after he tasted their bread”.

P1190162Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

He is the father in law of Simon (the owner of the shop) in Japan.  The father in law own a bakery shop and his wife learnt the bakery skill from his father.

P1190168Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

A long black board hang on the wall showing the recipe of making bread.   A little bit of comic drawing bring a different dimension to this little bakery shop.   Matsumiya Bakery become a bakery shop not just selling bread but also a shop with stories.

P1190165Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

When we asked Simon, “How do you think about your bread?”.

“Even our stuff buy our bread home.  How do you think?”  He smiled confidently.

We bought a loaf of brown wholemeal bread back.  The quality did not disappoint us.  We like the bread and we can feel the sincerity and passion of the owner.

P1190171Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

P1190178Johor Bahru Matsumiya Bakery

Address: 12 Jalan Molek 1/5C, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malayisa.
Tel: 012-2092871
Date visited: 6 Jul 2014



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