Kin Kin Chili Ban Mian (Noodle)

There are a few reasons made me really feel want to try this new ban mian shop originate from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

It is the chili – There was a chili noodle stall next to my high school in Batu Pahat (a town in Johor state, southern part of Malaysia) more than 20 years ago.   That is one of my favourite noodle mainly due to the chili.  The stall is no more there. I missed the chili.   When I know this noodle is originate from KL and is famous for the chili,  I think Kin Kin chili ban mian might have the taste that I missed for 20 years.

P1180966 Kin Kin Chili Ban MianSugai Buloh Singapore

I brought my mum and sister here and told them when the shop was opened 2 months ago, there was a long queue.  Both my mum and sister has high expectation about the noodle because of this.  There was no queue when we reached but the shop was almost full.  That made our blood flow faster than normal.  We never see a shop selling just ban mian in Singapore with so many customer.  Here we go, our famous chili ban mian.

So what is the end results?  Somehow, I would think the popularity of the noodle itself did somehow make me exclaim the noodle is good.  I did enjoy the killer chili.  The mix of dry chili with the eye yolk, shallot and ban mian make it to another level.  But when I looked at my sister and mom expecting them to have the same exciting feeling as me, what I got was just a normal look – “What so great about this ban mian?”, “It is too salty”, “we will not come back just for this”.

Their expression did wake me up from my high school fantasies.  The chili is not the same as the stall I got 20 years ago.  But it is great enough to be a killer.  I like the combination but I hope they can reduce the salty taste a bit in future or probably offer another version with less salt.   The fish ball we ordered were also too salty.

Will I go back again?  Probably yes only when I need to accompany friends who have not tried this famous ban mian.  For those who have not tried, I would say just go for it.  It is unique and worth a try.

In fact, the review from the food bloggers have 2 extreme.  Some said it is good and some said it is ordinary –

The Travelling Hungry Boy said it is good.

Daniel Food Dairy said he will only wait for 10 minutes the most.

Johor Kaki said he will go only if he is nearby or his companion hasn’t tried it before.

The original store in KL could be better.  See Always Travelicious.

A video about this noodle from Razor TV.


P1180961 Kin Kin Chili Ban MianSugai Buloh Singapore

Other info about this new eatery –

For those who don’t have car, Tai Seng MRT is just 10 minutes walk away to the shop.

Address: 534 MacPherson Road, Singapore
Hours: 11am to 9pm daily


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