Just want to note this down.  Puglia looks like an hidden gem in Southern Italy that has not attracted too many attention from tourist yet.

As what Amanda Ruggeri mentioned in the link of theitalianweddingco.com below

Will Puglia change? Probably, someday. But not yet. For now, Puglia boasts the best of southern Italy: the pace, the traditions, the beauty. Unconquered. —Amanda Ruggeri

About Amanda Ruggeri, this is what I got from her personal website.


“I am an editor, journalist, travel writer, and photographer.

From 2009 through 2013, I lived in Italy and wrote on topics ranging from travel to skiing to politics for publications including the New York Times, Guardian, BBC, National Geographic Traveler, Fodor’s, Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine, Atlantic, Budget Travel, AFAR, Deadspin, Global Post, World Policy Journal, and Mother Jones, among other publications”.

One of my retire plan is to travel around and stay at different places especially for low profile village or island.  Puglia looks like a good choice.  I trust Amanda’s taste 🙂  Will research more about Puglia.

Source and Reference –
1. Featured image – Image of Puglia from 1000lonelyplaces.com.

2. Amanda Ruggeri photo from Amanda Ruggeri website.

3. Article – National Geographic Traveller January 2014 (VOL 224) – Chinese edition

4. Location of Puglia (source from Wikipedia of Puglia)



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