40 maps by Vox.com

Source of the map / Reference –

The map (map 14) shows how much meat gets consumed in each country, with each nation’s sized skewed accordingly.

Thought US is the biggest meat consumption country but look at the map (map 14), it seems to be China is the one. This surprise me because I found most people in rural area of China eat very little meat. Even in urban area, the meat, example a chicken, is normally shared by a group of people instead of each people take one quarter or half. It is very common in western country where the serving per person is counted as quarter or half. Also, based on the way how Chinese cook, the meat tends to be cut to a smaller pieces so it can be shared by bigger group of people. Another surprise is India because I thought a lot of them are vegetarian.

Other than this map, the other maps (map 27) in the link are interesting too. Especially the map that show the location and the distance to the nearest McDonald in US. As what the blog says – “It doesn’t look all that different from what the Earth looks like at night”.


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