Zeelandia Bookshop

“I have been to Xinjiang, Shangxi of China, Nepal, India, Hungary, Czech.. and Cyprus.  I want to open a bookshop before the era of bookshop end.  The name of the bookshop – Zeelandia, is one of the mark in an old Taiwan map named by Dutch”,  described by the owner of the bookshop in the video.

Zeelandia is a travel-themed independent bookstore in Taipei.  There is always people like this around dare to follow the heart and open such a niche bookstore.  Sometimes I think it is not the matter of the shop, it is a show case of lifestyle and the freedom to choose what you want to live as.  To step into the bookstore is like going into a little wonderland of your own heart, for those who like to read and travel.

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Zeelandia Travel & Books (旅人書房)
Address:台北市大安區青田街12巷12-2號2樓 (No 12-2, Lane 12, Qingtian Street, Dann District, Taipei)
Tel: (02)2322-4772

Reference –
National Geographic 2014 Vol 224

Source –
The featured image (from Zeelandia Facebook)



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