Restaurants in Ubud

We spent only 1.5 days in Ubud.  Since the time is short, to make sure we don’t waste time in a “so so” food or restaurant, we have done an intensive research of where to eat in Ubud.  These are the note we made on May, 2013 and the review after we visited Ubud on June, 2013 .

Main Reference –


My dining shortlist –

  1. Mozaic

Mozaic is an expensive option.  It appears in both of the above website (8 good restaurant in Ubud and 15 things to do in Ubud).  It is the only restaurant being selected as one of the things to do in Ubud in the “15 things to do in Ubud” website.  I am sure there must have some reason behind.  It received 4.5 score out of 5 in  But it  is only ranked No. 73 out of 400 restaurant in Ubud based on TripAdvisor website.

The “8 good restaurant” website indicates – Mozaic is definitly Ubud’s most ambitious restaurant. Traditional western ingredients like oyster and foie gras meet local ingredients like mango and coconut at Mozaic.  Also it indicates the sample menu – Discovery Menu cost 700,000 IDR (SGD 75.81 / USD 59.90) , Chef’s Surprise Menu is 1,250,000 IDR (SGD 134.30 / USD 107).

Reviewed by Travelfish –

Official website –

Did we go?  No.  Because it is over our budget and the food look too “fine” for us.


  1. Melting Wok

DSC_2450 Ubud Melting Wok Warung

One of the website indicate this is small place located in the heart of Ubud is extremely popular and tables are few, so it is a good idea to make a reservation in advance.  We went without reservation and the waiting time is still okay.  There isn’t that many dishes on the menu, but what is on it is good.  We have tried the mee goreng (fried noodle in Indonesian and also Malay language),  nasi goreng and the curry dishes.  I think the chef has used some secret source because the dishes really taste a bit different than other place.  Personally I find the friend noodle is nice but I still prefer the traditional Indo mee (one of a popular instant noodle in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) taste.

Mains: 30.000 IDR – 50.000 IDR

Address: 13 Jl. Gootama, Ubud.

Web: Warung Melting Wok (In French language)

DSC_2453_adj Ubud Melting Wok Warung

My note-

Tripadvisor No. 1 restaurant in Ubud when the time I researched in year 2013.  It dropped to No. 2 when I wrote this blog in June, 2014.

Will I visit again – I will still go if I visited Ubud again. Especially because the French owner and the staff there are really friendly and energetic.


3.  Warung Pulau Kelapa

At Warung Pulau Kelapa they take pride in serving authentic Indonesian dishes. The old Javanese teak house that is the home of the restaurant is the perfect setting for an Indonesian meal.

Prices are extremely reasonable.  We shortlisted Warung Pulau Kelapa because the prices are extremely reasonable (so we can spare the budget for expensive restaurant for one the meal) and we purposely include a restaurant with Indonesian dishes to choose.

Starters:  10.000 – 20.000 IDR
Mains: 20.000 – 30.000 IDR (USD 1.70 to 2.53)

Address: Jl. Raya Sanggingan – Lungsiakan Ubud.

Web:  Warung Pulau Kelapa

My note –
No. 30th in TripAdvisor (No. 30 out of 400 restaurant in Ubud) when the time we researched on April, 2013.  It dropped to No. 71 when I wrote this blog on June, 2014.

Did we go?
No.  Because our stay in Ubud is too short.


4.  Ibu Oka


Information from the Internet- Ibu Oka, is  Ubuds most hyped place when it comes to Babi Guling – or suckling pick. Crackling skin and juicy pork meat is what this classic Balinese street food is all about and here they make that to perfection.  Ibu Oka is the perfect spot for a quick lunch, but don’t get there too late (after 13.00) as there the might be sold out.

To me, if you have only one meal to choose in Ubud, the Babi Guling in Ibu Oka would be the choice.  Not because their food is better than others.  It is just because your trip to Ubud will be considered as incomplete without tasting this popular restaurant.  So forget about the ranking in TripAdvisor ( #199 out of #401 ).  Just go.

Ibu Oka used to be a small road side stall when we visited Ubud 10 years ago.  It has become a big restaurant when visited on June, 2013.  It is big but yet it is still hard to get a seat.  The new places look a bit like a busy and noisy market selling Babi Guling.  I prefer the small stall 10 years ago.

Let see how other blogger commented about this place –

Dishes: Around 30.000 IDR (USD 2.53) – I think we pay more than this when we visited on year 2013.

Address: Jalan Suweta/Tegal Sari No. 2, Ubud

Will I visit again?
Definitely.  This is the only food I remember for our trip to Ubud 10 years ago.

Video –

Ibu Oka video in No Reservation by Anthony Bourdain (in the first 10 minutes of the video).  Anthony Bourdain said it is one of the best suckling pig.


5.  Bridges

DSC_2381_adj Ubud  Bridge

Information from Internet and written in my note –
The green jungle views is one of the reasons people keeps coming back to Bridges. The delicate French inspired food is another. Combine the two and you have the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.  Bridges also have a wine shop and bar where you find one of Bali’s best selection of wines.

We all like Bridges because the fine dining food gave us quite a lot of surprise.  Visually and also the taste.

Starters: 55.000 – 165.000 IDR

Mains: 110.000 – 240.000 IDR (USD 9.3 – 20.30)

Address: Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud.

Web: Bridges

Note –
TripAdvisor #3 out of #400 restaurant when I did the research on May, 2013.   It dropped to #4 when I write this blog on June, 2014.  I have a note saying all review was given Excellent rating.  There are some poor and terrible rating when the time I write this  but the number of good and excellent review remains high.

Will I visit again?
I like the place but I may choose to go Mozaic for my next visit to Ubud.  Just want to try different place.   One of the reason why we chose Bridges is because the price is really value for money as a fine dining restaurant.  It is still a good restaurant and definitely live up to our expectation.


6.  Clear Café

P1150155_adj Ubud Clear


Vilondo website has collected 5 of their favourite places to have a meal that not only fills your stomach, but renew your energy.  Clear Café is one of them.

Travelfish website said – “There are many things we love about alcohol-free Clear, from your choice of infused waters (we tried lavender) through to their potato chips being cooked in coconut oil, through to an imaginative kids’ menu”.   Travelfish has given a 4 out of 5 rating.

We visited this places mainly because Naughty Nuri is closed that night and so we decided to choose Clear Café.  I were great I made it to this place.  It turned out very good to be as our last meal in Ubud before we end our trip.  The décor is great especially the entrance is full of bamboo.  The food are creative, tasty and gave us a lot of surprise.

Note –

Clear café is ranked #22 in TripAdvisor when I did the research on April, 2013.  Somehow it has been dropped to #77 when I wrote this blog on June, 2014.  Note sure why but to me it is definitely well worth visit.

Will you visit again?
Yes.  I will.


7.  Kafe

P1150101 Ubud Kafe

P1150097 Ubud Kafe

2 of our travel partner went for massage so we decided to drop by Kafe to have some desserts and drinks.  The café is attractive from outside because of the wooden structure.  Inside is a bit simple but relaxing.  It could be hot during mid-day.  The cakes are super nice (partly due to the price is cheaper and the size is bigger than in Singapore).  The organic cocktail fruit juice is healthy and attractive.  The name of the juice is creative and made you want to try them.  For example –

“Bloody Cleanser” – Beet, cucumber, celery and carrot

“Popeye” – Spinach, apple and cucumber

“Vitamin C Blast with a Twist” – Bali Oranges, carrot, pineapple, papaya and basil

We found the organic food looked nice too when we peeked at the order at other tables.

Will you go again –

Yes.  Will go back not just for cake and drink.  Will go back for a meal.  Bring the laptop and enjoy the drink slowly.  It looks quite nice to have the photo done or do some of the other work using laptop here.  Kind of lifestyle.

Note –

TripAdvisor ranks #60 of 402.  I think the ranking should be higher.  Travelfish gives this place a 4.5 star rating out of 5.

Website –


8.  Some other budget places

If you have budget constraints but don’t want to compromise with the food experience in Bali –  by John Brunton

The Tripadvisor review (Dated July 2011) with the subject of “Good local food for fair price” has a very good suggestion on good local food.

The review posted by newgabe are very informative.  She especially mentioned to avoid Bebek Bengil, very over-rated, often the duck is dry, slow service just not a great place.  Bebek Bengil is selected as one of the top budget restaurant in Ubud by John Brunton in website above.  It is always good to cross check the review of the restaurant from different source.

She also mentioned Café Wayan has a good buffet on Sunday nights (southern end of Monkey Forest Rd).  My note – Café Wayan is ranked at No. 25 in TripAdvisor with good review.  We visited this place on Sunday night but we were not too keen with the local Indonesian food.  The traditional food are lack of surprise to us because we already have a lot of Malay food (which is quite similar to Indonesia food) in Singapore or Malaysia.  We have properly spoiled by all the organic, fusion and gourmet food we had earlier.

Warung Ijo mentioned by her looks good too –

One of the places I would definitely like to visit is Naughty Nuri.  The shop was closed when we visited on Sunday night. I would definitely like to try out this places if I visited Ubud again.  Ribs and martinis in a shack (4 ½ rating by Travelfish) –

There are so many other places.  Let have a look of this warung tour posted in Youtube.  With this budget and with this standard of good food, I think I can stay at Ubud for at least a week.



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