Three villages in Guizhou

Guizhou is one of the province in China consists of a number different tribe of minority people.  Although China has been through 10 years of cultural revolution and has destroyed a lot of tradition and culture, the culture of minority people that has been preserved there is still one of the best I can observe, as compare to the other region in South East Asia for example Northern Vietnam or Thailand.  Going to the region is like going to a open-air museum where some of the traditional and culture has been there for simply 200 years or more and people still practise it in daily life.  One of the most amazing things would be the traditional dress and silver ornament they wear daily.

This article is about 3 interesting Dong village located in the province of Guizhou.  Zengchong is popular for its biggest drum tower. Zhanli is famous for its secret herbal that can control the sex for giving birth.   Xiaohuang is specialized in Dong style singing and it has been declared as one of the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.   Found the article in Chinese National Geographic Traveller.  Write some of the notes here about how to go so can be used for reference in future.

Zengchong (增冲) –

The biggest drum tower in Guizhou (贵州)- Zengchong (增冲) –


Photo source –


How to go –

Daily bus from Ronjiang (榕江) to Dongxiang (洞乡) – 10:00, 15:00 (Distance: 29km, Time: 1 hour and more).  From Dongxiang to Zhengchong is less than 10km.  Car can be hired from Dongxiang to Zhengchong. During the market of Ronjiang on Sunday, there is direct private transport from Ronjiang to Zhengchong.  There is no fixed departure time.  It is also possible to walk from Dongxiang to Zhengchong as what the author did.

Note –

The area around Donxiang is called as Jiudong (九洞).  It is an important area for drum tower culture.

There are homestay in Dongxiang.  Most likely you will be approached by the villager for an offer to stay.  The village in Zhengchong with the famous drum tower is Zhengchong Dongzai (侗寨).

It is nice to see the farmers coming back home in the afternoon.  The women will start to prepare dinner and the man will gather at the drum tower to rest, to chat and smoke.  The life has been the same in this way for the past 300 years.

Useful links –

Photo –

Location –,108.71212&spn=0.204136,0.308647&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=45.736609,79.013672&oq=%E5%A2%9E%E5%86%B2&hq=%E5%A2%9E%E5%86%B2%E9%BC%93%E6%A5%BC&hnear=Congjiang,+Qiandongnan,+Guizhou,+China&t=m&z=12

Zhanli (占里侗寨)

Over 50 years, the population of Zhanli village is still remain at around 700 people.  The ratio of between man / woman is almost 50:50.  Each family has followed the strict rule of 2 children.  There are 168 families in Zhanli and 156 of them have 2 children and each of them has 1 boy and 1 girl.   They use a secret mix of herbal (换花草)to control the giving birth of girl or a boy.

Useful links –  (Youku)

How to go –

More than 20km from Zhongjiang (从江).  There is no public transport.  Car can be hired.  Single trip cost around 70 to 80 RMB.  There is no accommodation in Zhanli.

Location –

Xiaohuang (小黄侗寨) –

This is another interesting minority village in province of Guizhou specialize in Dong style singing (侗族大歌)- Dong people is one of the major minority people in Guizhou .  The best time to witness the performance is during spring festival (Lunar calendar new year) and the 15th day of 8th month of Lunar Calendar (Mid-autumn festival).  Another smaller and more traditional village Huang Gang Cun (黄崗村) 5km away is also another place good at singing.  Another base for

An Youtube video by UNESCO in English –

A performance of Tong’s song by Chinese Civilization Channel 2 HD in Youtube –

Useful link –

How to go –

Xiaohuang located 25km away from Zhongjiang (从江).  There is a new paved road and 2 connecting buses to Shuangjiang (双江)via Xiaohuang daily.  The bus ticket is RMB10 per person.

Xiaohuang is a bigger village and there are 4 to 5 guest houses available.  The cost is around RMB 50 per person daily.

Location –

Reference –

1.  National Geographic Traveller (Chinese version) – Oct 2013 Vol 221 (




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