Human of New York and Spain

Saw this blog in my Facebook.

There is a 80’s generation American photographer, Brandon, who loss his job in Chicago and moved to New York, spend his time on the streets of New York taking pictures of strangers.  He added some simple stories and words told by the strangers.  The stories are simple but hold a lot of life experience.  Some are beautiful, some are tough and some are humorous.  I like his photo and blog.  I also like his spirit of daring to live the way he want in such a creative approach.

His facebook account – Humans of New York.  His website.   Introduction of the photographer and his composition in Chinese.  And his video below from his website –

After reading his website, I recalled my trip to Europe few years back.

After few weeks and almost come to the end of my trip, I was wonder why I could not properly take a photo of the people in Europe.  They have such a nice feature and various character to capture.  Just when the time I told myself I have to be more daring, I saw this couple on the street of Bilbao, Spain.  I made up my mind, “Hey, could I take your photo?”.  But before I able to say this, this couple approached me and asked, “Hey, could you take our photo?”.  I am stunned.

What a moment.  It is more than just taking photo.  They are such a beautiful couple. I want to know more about them but again I did not able to make up my mind to just ask.  It left a lot of imagination to me each time when I see this photo.  Are they just married?  Are they trying to try the luck to get famous?  Are they also photographers who know want a photographer (but I am not one) want?  For sure they have made Spain and Bilbao a more beautiful place in my memory.  I would visit Spain and Bilbao again.

Thank you Brandon for setting up such a inspired website and thanks to these stranger in Bilbao for giving me a good memory.

DSC_0390 human of Spain_000Bilbao


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