Bali Eco Stay

DSC_2240bali eco stay

Photo: On the way to Bali Eco Stay is the beautiful rice terrace of Tabanan.

It is not my intention to find a place a stay in a lesser know part of the island or a out of no where place in Bali.  I could not remember exactly how the search engine got this place pop up in the list of hotels I tried to get while I was searching for an unique place to stay and experience in Bali.  Since this is my third time to Bali, I don’t want to stay another Bali style hotel and definitely not another standard five star resort.  I tried various key words while searching, something like “eco”, “eco stay in Bali”, “eco stay in Ubud”.  I am happy I managed to find another gem in Bali in this way.  This accommodation has five star rating by ALL tourist.  No joke.  You got to experience it.

DSC_2198bali eco stay

Bali Eco Stay has a few types of bungalow – namely Harvest, Rice Water, Little Padi, Spring Water and Buddha.  The above are the Harvest bungalow in morning sunlight facing field of gold.  Each of them have different character.  I find Rice Water has the best view and this is also our selection.  Book early since it can be booked up one year before.

DSC_1860bali eco stay

Photo above –

The bungalow at the far end is Rice Water.  The bungalow which we choose to stay.  It was named Rice Water because there is a little rice terrace right in front of the bungalow with water.  We can see the natural pool from our balcony which is right at the front part of this photo.  It has a peaceful and wide open rice terrace and greenery view that simply make your heart calm and keep your eyes staring as if the scenery will suck all your worry away like an ocean in green.

I remember the next moment after we put down with our luggage is to sit at the balcony and admire the scenery quietly.  Definitely when we stepped into the bungalow, we screamed a bit because everything is just perfect and so beautiful.  But we still have to keep our manner in front of the staff who brought us there.  In fact, we are extremely tired when we when arrived late afternoon in Bali Eco Stay because we have spent the whole night prior to this at the crater of Mount Ijen at East Java in a very bad weather without sleep (thought we could see the blue fire from the volcano but it was too misty that night).  Followed by a hour of ferry ride from East Java to West Bali then another 3 to 4 hours journey to Bali Eco Stay through a bumpy country road in the last 1 hour .  It is an exhausted day so Bali Eco Stay is really the right place for us to rest and rebuild our energy for the next 2 days.

DSC_1868bali eco stay

Above – A closer view of the rice water in front of our Rice Water Bungalow.

DSC_2075bali eco stay

Photo above –

Did you see the two Balinese lady holding a big bag (probably a rice bag) on top of their head and walk in Balinese style with the body gesture shake slightly like dancing as if as nothing at all on their head?  This is our life in Bali Eco Stay bungalow.  See the villagers walked pass at our rice water terrace occasionally.  Sometimes are kids playing and running around, sometimes is a dog running pass relaxingly, sometimes are a group of ducks (did I see duck?.. but definitely some birds).  Most of the time, everything is so quiet and our life is just staring at the rice terrace field.

DSC_2008bali eco stay

Photo above –

You know what I mean.  Everything is so peaceful and make us melt but no matter how we cannot leave without our smart phone and iPad.  Definitely we never forget to prepare some good books to read in this type of atmosphere.  We purposely arranged a few hours of do nothing at our balcony enjoy the life of nothing.

DSC_1996bali eco stay

DSC_1983bali eco stay

Photo below –

For the rest of the hours, we walked around the villages.  Bali Eco Stay has a hand drawn map with some marking trail for you to walk.  There are a few villages around.  At the end we only managed to visit one – a very small and quiet one almost like an  abandoned one.  The Bali Eco Stay was owed by a couple from Australia.  They stay there with their teenager son and a dog.  They enjoy the remoteness of this country side and so choose to settle most of their time here.  We bumped into them in our last morning there when they went out for their routine walk around the forest and rice terrace.  A friendly and happy family.

When will we dare to put down our city lifestyle and burden and move to live in the wild like them.  Heard this area has become more and more popular for people looking for a more quiet alternative to stay as compared to the already hectic Kuta and Ubud where not as peaceful as it was before.   Based on my further research, there are already a few eco stay being set up in this area mostly by westerner.  Bali Eco Stay is one of the best one based on the rating in TripAdvisor and I know it was also feature in one of the TV documentary in Australia.  I feel great again to find this place and make it here.

DSC_1913bali eco stay

Photo above –

Want more?  Bali Eco Stay has a almost private waterfall in their compound.  One of the trail and in less than 5 minutes walk lead you to this private waterfall.  Most of the time you will have the waterfall by yourself exclusively since there are only a few bungalows in Bali Eco Stay and the number of guest is low.

DSC_1969bali eco stay

Photo above –

If you think the waterfall is too strong and too wild for you, the open shower area attached with the bungalow also provide you the same strong natural spring water in a less wild atmosphere but enough to get you a unforgettable experience to shower openly under the star.  With frog and insect sound around definitely.  And if you don’t mind them watching you naked.

DSC_1937bali eco stay

DSC_1927bali eco stay

DSC_1930bali eco stay

DSC_1929bali eco stay

DSC_1923bali eco stay

Photos above –

  1. Healthy meal is part of the highlight of the eco stay.

  2. A nice kitchen with happy staff.  They smile a lot.  That remain us the Loas people who also smile a lot.

  3. Another peaceful corner at the restaurant.

  4. A healthy mixed fruit drink.  It would be better if the juice can be cheaper a bit so we can drink more to detox without worry about the final bill.  The price is more expensive than Singapore (which recently won the most expensive city in the world).  This is probably my only feedback to Bali Eco Stay.  Hm.. I would also expect the breakfast to be bigger because the website specifically mentions “big” breakfast.

  5. A mini library with quality and soulful books and definitely with good view again.

DSC_1834bali eco stay

Photo above –

Our welcome drink is unique with mint flavour.

Photo below –

Walking around the rice terrace field is one of the best past time here.  It is nice to see part of the rice field already turned to golden colour with some part of it still in green colour.  We have the best of both.  The green rice field photo we took below is about 1km away from Bali Eco Stay while the rice field around Bali Eco Stay has almost turned to golden colour and ready for harvesting.

DSC_2195bali eco stay

DSC_2190bali eco stay

DSC_2178bali eco stay

DSC_2256bali eco stay

DSC_2235bali eco stay

Lastly, a little pond with lotus flower tuck at a corner of the rice field.

DSC_2148bali eco stay

The website of Bali Eco Stay –


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