A road trip to Melaka – prelude

This post is about one of a little road trip I made with my mom in year 2013.

Why we had this road trip –

I had a 5 days vacation continuously so I decided to have a road trip from my hometown Batu Pahat to Melaka.  My last road trip in Malaysia was about 14 years ago from Johor Bahru to Kuantan and we had two wonderful nights stayed at Rompin and Tasik Cini together with my good friends from Australia who would like to know more about Malaysia and my cousin who has just broken up with his girl friend.  That was really a nice trip although there were not many big attractions along the way.

I should write a blog about that trip separately.

Somehow 14 years later, after travelled to many part of the world, I think it is time for me to know more about Malaysia too.  I have been to Melaka many times.  But I believe the highlights of a trip should not be just the sights or attractions.  It is more about the people you go with, the time and happiness you share, and the new people you meet and new food you eat.   With this, we started our trip.

The morning –

We started the trip in an ordinary morning.  We moved her luggage into our little Malaysia made car (Kelisa) and as usual my caring mom has prepared some food and drinks in the car to eat along the way.  It is neither the big Route 66 in U.S.A nor the big journey like Tran-Siberia.  It is one of the most ordinary road in southern part of west coast Malaysia.  Probably nobody has ever thought of travelling this road as holiday.   We started from Batu Pahat, a non-pretentious and third largest town in Johor state famous for textile industry.  Our destination is Melaka.  The historical town in Melaka which has just obtained a world heritage status few years ago.

This was my original travel plan.  The actual one turned out with some unexpected surprises.  This is about slow travel.  Once everything slower down, you see beautiful things you don’t notice in daily fast pace life.    

Day 1 – Batu Pahat to Melaka

Breakfast at Batu Pahat.

Lunch at Tangkak for the famous beef noodle.

Visit the waterfall at Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir).  The highest mountain of Johor state.  I remember the waterfall is nice and my elder cousin has ever brought me here for a few times.  I missed this childhood place and I am going to visit this place again.

We also plan to stop along the way to have durian (both me and my mom are durian lover).

Mt Ophir or Gunung Ledang waterfall P1160584

Day 2 – Melaka

Free and easy.  I have done some food research of Melaka.  So our aim for second day is to try the best Peranakan food in Melaka and experience Peranakan culture.  We never stay overnight in Melaka before.  So for this trip we plan to see how Melaka looks like on Saturday night.

Nyonya laksa P1160794

Day 3 – Melaka – Batu Pahat

Depart Melaka and travel to Muar on the way back.

We plan to have lunch at Muar.  The second largest town in Johor state famous for otak-otak (fish cake).

Stop at Parit Jawa for dinner.  A fishing village along Melaka Straits famous for Asam fish.  I hope I can snap some nice photo of this fishing village so I can share them in my blog.

Note –

More update to come for this little road trip.

Found a good website about good food in Melaka known only by local –




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