Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Stuffed Tofu

Sometimes I like to visit some down to earth stall in a crowded and dark hawker centre..  This is where you can find good food.   Especially if you see a long queue that consists of mostly old folks.  They have gone through the toughest time when Singapore still in a undeveloped state.  They know where is the good food, with good ingredient and good price.


I am happy I found another such stall in Smith Street food centre.  You might have read a lot of guide book about Singapore and tell you must eat Chili Crab or Black Pepper Crab.  As a local, I seldom craving for crab since it is so expensive.  But I would craving for this new found stuffed tofu (or yong tofu) in Smith Street.  I have gone back to this place more than 3 times since I discovered 2 months ago.


Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Stuff Tofu – Xiu Ji is the name of the stall.  Ikan Bilis is anchovy in Malay.  We normally call anchovy by using the Malay words Ikan Bilis since it is more friendly and commonly used.  Ikan means fish in Malay.  The name attracts me especially the anchovy.  A bowl of dried noodle or bee hoon (rice noodle) with fried anchovy and stuffed tofu – How I wish I have a bowl right in front of me now while I am writing this blog.


Xiu Ji has been there over 20 years for 3 generation.  The queue will normally start from 10am or earlier.  The fish paste are all made at the next stall on spot so it is fresh.  After stuffed the fish paste to the tofu, it will be steamed using container made by bamboo.  Bitter gourd, egg plant are used also in additional to tofu and those will be fried instead of steamed.  They also make fish ball and fish cake.  Everything are made in traditional way.  You can feel the texture of the fish when you eat and there are in different shape because all are handmade.  This is one of the best part.  Talk about the soup, it is prepared using fish bone and anchovy.  It is light.  I personally prefer light clear soup to eat with noodle than the typical thick heavy type of soup used for ramen.



I really like the stuffed tofu and noodle here.  Here are the address.  Based on the newspaper cutting pasted on wall at the side, they opened from 5:45am to 3pm.

Address –

Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-87/88 Chinatown Complex Food Centre

Did some research of the stall and found actually it has been recommended by quite a number of food blog in the past –



Wow.. This website even lists out the best stuffed tofu (Liang tofu) in Singapore –


Another tips for a nice little morning to enjoy in Smith Street Food Centre –

1.  Go early to beat the queue at Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis stuffed tofu, say around 10am.

2.  Get the queue number from nearby stall – Wang Jiao Dim Sum first before queue for stuffed tofu.

3.  Choose a table near to Wang Jiao Dim Sum and enjoy your bowl of Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis stuffed tofu.

4.  By 11am, Wang Jiao Dim Sum will be opened.  Get the five star dim sum with hawker centre price.  Since you have got your queue number earlier, you save the waiting time.

For sure, this is going to be a perfect morning.

Food blog for Wang Jiao Dim Sum –



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