Because of Matsuura Yataro 松浦彌太郎

Visited Kinokuniya bookshop at KL last week.  Bought a travel book – Travel freely with your heart (自在的旅行) written by Matsuura Yataro (松浦彌太郎) with the photo taken by the photographer Shingo Wakagi (若木信吾).   Never expect I can buy a good Chinese book that inspired me (a book translated from Japanese) from Kuala Lumpur.  The Chinese book section in Kinokuniya bookshop in KL seems to be nicer and bigger than the one in Singapore.  Another surprise.

P1170208 book of Matsuura Yataro 松浦彌太郎 - Internet

I did some research to know more about the author and the photographer and found some interesting link from Internet.  A little bit of hard work this morning and I got a big return by discovering all these nice website by searching keyword  “Matsuura Yatoro”.  It turned out too many and I have to write another blog about the photographer next time.

I just want to keep the list of nice website I found here so I can come back to read anytime –

A Slow Journey Blog.  A blog set up by Ron Lam – the editor of several magazines including CREAM, a concept bookazine based in Hong Kong and distributed globally.  He has conducted an interview with Matsuura Yataro.  Beside the interview, it is also a nice blog to read.  A good discovery.

任知的BLOG.  Another good blog written by 任知 (RenZhi).  A poet, writer and film critic in China.  He has written a nice introduction about Matsuura Yataro.

This is blog written by Satoshi.  They are a Japanese and Korean couple, traveling the world since September 2011.  I think his blog is pretty nice to read.  He has written a book critic for a book written by Matsuura.  This is their Travel Blog in English.

A unrelated found not related to Matsuura Yataro.  I don’t know how I get into here.  It is a nice Simple Style blogzine in China that focus on art, photography, design and independent publication.

A video interview with Matsuura Yataro about a Mackintosh coat of Duke Hotel in London.

What should I say.  Because of Matsuura Yatoro, I found this wonderful blog about bookshop –  My own Indie Bookshop.

Then I found a nice music video in Casual Days Blogzine –  Casual Day is a simple and honest print magazine about meaningful everyday experiences. Each issue explores a specific issue related to everyday life and features a carefully-put-together line-up of designers, artists, idea-makers and style-setters and other inspiring individuals from various creative fields.

I will write another blog about the photographer.

Could we also do the same in Singapore?  A movable bookshop set up in a 2 ton truck by Cowbook.  Cowbook is a bookshop set up by Matsuura Yatoro.   He like to choose a quiet park to set up the movable bookshop to avoid disturbing the traffic.  Most of the time the customer are stranger.  To choose the book to display in a small caravan for the trip become one of his biggest homework to do.

Picture from


Cowbook website in Japanese Language.


One Comment on “Because of Matsuura Yataro 松浦彌太郎

  1. Hi, I just want to say thank you for mentioning my blog. You live in KL, Malaysia? I have some nice memories there. 🙂

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