Cyclamen Cottage in Melaka

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2688

Cyclamen Cottage is another hidden gem I found recently.  I am comparing it with all the hotels or guest house I have stayed before around the world.

A good lodging should be a place to boost your experience with the local culture or even give you some inspiration with different kind of life style.  The hotel should be designed and set up with unique character that make it stand out from others.  Definitely it also must have certain level of comfort since I am no more a true backpacker after so many years.  Cyclamen Cottage has all these to classify as a hidden gem.  Everyone who choose to stay there seem to be knowing what is life about including Chris and Cindy, the owner.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2689

The 2 houses where Cyclamen Cottage occupied are a colonial architectural style building that built on 1930 with some mixture of Peranakan style.  It was formerly belong to the British official and bought over by a wealthy local Baba merchant.  The houses were abandoned later.  Chris and Cindy were the only few that was dare enough to buy the abandoned old houses few years ago and they have spent a lot of efforts to restore them as close as the original form.  With their passion and respect of heritage house, the houses have been nicely restored back with their past glories.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2690

Some other winning points of Cyclamen Cottage –

–  Chris, the husband of Cindy is very knowledgeable about Peranakan culture.  He himself is a Penang Baba and he is happy enough to share the Peranakan history and stories with you if you are interested.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2692

–  Chris is a Peranakan antique collector since young.  Part of the reason he decided to convert part of the houses as a cottage is to make use and display his collection.  So what you get is probably an expensive antique bedframe or wardrobe in your room where you may not even get in a 5 star hotel.  What a good experience!

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2711

–  [Photo below] The little café where we had our breakfast is full of good old day charm.  The plants in the small café were nicely arranged.  The courtyard behind with a passion fruit plant shelter is a nice place too to have breakfast.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2770

–  [Photo below] Beside the typical food that normally served for continental breakfast, the breakfast is also served with Nonya Kuih (Kind of Peranakan cake or snack) and home made kaya (a local style jam made by coconut milk, egg and sugar).  The kaya is good.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2825

–  [Photo below] There are parking places in the garden within the compound of the cottage.  This is particular good for someone who drive and who need to ensure the safety of the car.  Need to note the drive to Meleka town centre (Jonker Street) from the cottage is straight forward, not far and easy.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2762

–  Chris is an enthusiast in Peranakan culture.  He has converted one of the old houses to a Peranakan Museum.  Personally I find this museum is better than the Baba Museum at Jalan Tan Cheng Loke because it is not over touched up.  Most of the furniture in the house are remain untouched and one could imagine how the Peranakan people live in the past.  Even the ex-owner of the house still come to visit the house every year to memorize the past.  I was touched by this.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2740

–  [Photo below] I enjoyed the night checking and replying my email peacefully at the old house patio area while everybody were asleep (yes.. Cyclamen Cottage has good WIFI).

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2752

[Photo above] The living room of the Garden Wing Villa.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2741

[Photo above] Early morning peaceful atmosphere.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2786

[Photo above] An old house windows

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2763

[Photo above]  Main building antique and old style door.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2736

[Photo above] A nice lazy chair with magazines and small coffee table converted from an old dragon drawing jar.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2765

[Photo above]  Another old style door at the main building.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2794

[Photo above] Antique old abacus hanged on the wall.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2793

[Photo above] Little charm hidden every where.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2754

[Photo above]  Including this one.  Another hidden charm.  You will see different style of this in the museum set up by Chris.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2814

[Photo above]  Little charm every where – 2

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2808

[Photo above]  Hidden charm every where – 3

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2815

[Photo above] – One thing special and nice about Cyclamen Cottage is it is full of greenery.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2816

[Photo above] – Another old charm – 4

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2818

[Photo above] – I think this is an unused old style mosquito coil holder put on the floor for display only.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2743

[Photo above] Old charm every where – 5

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2749

[Photo above] – The little garden and fish pond at the patio of Garden wing villa is one of the highlight.  My eye just keep staring at this little garden.  It is a beautiful creation.

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaDSC_2791

[Photo above] – A nice corner to have a cup of coffee or tea.

Cyclamen Cottage is really an unique and beautiful place to stay.  I wish I could have a house like this.  Thanks to Chris and Cindy for their hospitality.  We learnt a lot from them and from this trip.  We now have different view of Melaka, heritage houses and Peranakan culture.  Isn’t it something you could not get from a more expensive standard business or commercial hotel or even a over renovated and decorated peranakan style hotel?

Cyclaman Cottages MelakaP1160781

[Photo above]  From the left – Chris and Cindy, my mom and me at Cyclamen Cottage.

Cyclamen Cottage
Address: 2884C, Lorong Teck Chye Avenue, Limgbongan, 75200 Melaka.
Contact: 012-621 6031


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