What is your Ideal Weekend?

Bought Kinfolk magazine first time last night from Kinokuniya Bookshop.  A magazine for discovering new things to cook, make and do.

There is an article in the magazine Shoichio Aiba was interviewed by Joanna Han.  Shoichiro Aiba is the owner and managing chef of Life, the popular Italian-Japanese restaurant in Yoyogi-Hachiman, Tokyo.  He recently opened Life Son which serves “bread and mountain dishes”.

P1160518 Kinfolk Magazine

[photo above – Kinfolk vol 9 cover and my laptop] – The cover model is Shoichiro Aiba himself.

Describe your ideal weekend.

[Shoichiro Aiba]  I’d wake up early, spend the morning being active and have a cup of coffee with friends.  I’d then come home and share the happening of the day with my family over a meal.

What is leisure for you?

[Shoichiro Aiba] On my days off, I run, go on long drives, take naps in the park and regularly go surfing on my own.  I’ve never, ever broken this routine – that’s the trick…

Shoichiro Aiba quickly become the person of the week to inspire me.

So, I asked myself what is my ideal weekend?

[Me] Mine is to wake up early, have a run or walk at Macritchie Reservoir.  Have a good breakfast with coffee at a neighbourhood hawker centre or any of the currently booming independent café.  Following I will visit a bookshop or head home to write a blog or read my favourite book and then catch a good afternoon nap.  I will be active again in the afternoon for something else.

DSC_0420macritchie reservoir

So, what is your list of favourite hawker centre and café for breakfast?

[Me] Hawker Centre would be Smith Street Food Centre or Old Airport Road Food Centre.  For café, I will opt for my recent new found Chye Seng Huat Hardware at Tyrwhitt Road of Lanvendar or another quieter new found, Kooka Café at Purvis Street.  There are a lot of choices in Singapore because having meal with family or friends is basically one of most important things to do to pass the time for local.  To pamper myself, I may even go to Geylang Lor 27 for durian after breakfast, a local king of fruit.

P1160418 Chye Seng Huat Hardware Cafe

[Photo above – my recent new found café Chye Seng Huat Hardware at Tyrwhitt Road of Lanvendar]

P1150851 Kooka Cafe at Purvis Street

[Photo above –  Another quieter new found cafe, Kooka Café at Purvis Street]

P1150989 Wan Jiao Dimsum at Smith Street Food Center

[Photo above – Wan Jiao dim sum at Smith Street Food Centre]

P1150528 Prawn noodle at Old Airport Road Food Center

[Photo above – Prawn noodle at Old Airport Road Food Centre]

So, how about the bookshop?

[Me] Book Actually near Tiong Bahru Market at Yong Siak Street is the best independent bookshop.  Kinokuniya at Orchard Road is the biggest.

P1110118 Book Actually

[Photo above – Book Actually near Tiong Bahru Market at Yong Siak Street is the best independent bookshop in Singapore].

Switching back to Shoichiro Aiba for the last question –

And last piece of advice you’d like to give to workaholics?

[Shoichiro Aiba]  Change your surroundings and your environment as quickly as possible.

[Me] Really well say!  I have to constantly remind myself not to be workaholics.  This is a kind of disease.  I can see there are a number of workaholics around me constantly set target and plan and never able to stay put to breath properly.  They lost the ability to appreciate all the good things and the nature God has built for us.

Reference – Kinfolk magazine [Vol 9].


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