The influence of Haruki Murakami 村上春树

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160496

Photo above – my own sketching of Murakami Haruki.

Haruki Murakami probably is the writer who has influenced me the most especially when I were young.

Read the book – “Daily Rituals – How Artist Work” this morning and there is one article about how Haruki Murakami spend his day as a writer.  Not only the key roles in his novel always inspire me.  His own life style has inspired me too.

“Murakami wakes at 4am and works for five to six hours straight.  In the afternoons he runs or swims (or both), runs errands, reads, and listens to music, bedtime is 9pm.  “I keep to this routine every day without variation.  The repetition itself become the important thing; it’s a form of mesmerism.  I mesmerize myself to reach a deeper state of mind.

To ensure he has the physical strength to complete a novel which he think is more important than the mental discipline – He moved with his wife to a rural area, quitting smoking, drinking less, and eating diet of mostly vegetables and fish.  He also started running daily, a habit he has kept up for more than a quarter century.

Definitely I do not have the same determination as him.  Not only 1% or less of his exercise routine, his craziness in music, his unique way of the perspective of human relationship and the work and etc.  However, that 1% or less has generated enough influence to my early day life style and most of the influence still remain till now –

  • I started listen to Jazz music after reading his book.  Most of his early books talked about Jazz music and the music is always become part of the storyline and even the book name.   For example his most popular book “Norwegian Wood”.

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160484

Photo above – Waltz for Debby by Bill Evan is the first Jazz CD I brought after I read Haruki Murakami’s book – Norwegian Wood / 挪威的森林

  • I always tell myself to run and swim partly inspired by him
  • I eat simple fish and vegetables meal sometimes.  Look like Haruki Murakami likes to eat tofu.  He has written four articles about tofu in his book 村上朝日堂.  In this book, he mentioned he could eat tofu without soy source.  Just tofu.  If it is a good tofu, you could eat it without any source.  In English, it would be “simple as it must be”.   I think this represent one of his core belief of good simple food.

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160494

Photo above – My own sketching and replicating of the tafu image published in 村上朝日堂.  Original image drawn by Anzai Mizumaru 安西水丸.

Photo below – The book cover of 村上朝日堂.

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160493

  • I admire the life style of the key character in his book and somehow replicate the same lifestyle in some points.  Go to gym, listen to music, visit bookshop anytime.. you know.. the type of life style with freedom.

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160491

Murakami Haruki 村上春树P1160487

Photo above – Music CD about the music written in Murakami Haruki’s novel.  Bought from Taipei.

The following some of the list of the music ever mentioned in his book –

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