Bishan Park

Bishan ParkP1160213

The Bishan Park is a hidden gem (to tourists) on the neighbourhood of Bishan and Ang Mo Kio.

The park is considered one of the nicer park in Singapore even before renovated.  There was a traditional concrete canals run through the park.  Since 2011, National Park rolled out a series of activities to encourage the community to contribute ideas to shape Singapore as a City in a Garden, and also at the same time Singapore is setting plan to be self sustainable with the water supply., several projects has been rolled out.  To transform the traditional concrete canals of Bishan Park to a natural stream with nature life is one of the most successful one among all.

Bishan ParkP1160240

I never imagine a park can be transformed in such a good way.  According to the designer, the strategic plan of the park is really to link the green and the blue together.  And on top of that to get the life and people and make it a vibrant place.  And at the same times to do something for the water by slowing down the water (partly to collect and keep the water).  The end results are a nature stream run through a sub-urban neighbourhood.  The grown up can run and jump through the stream, mud and grassland like a kids, the kids can catch the fish and touch the dragonfly stop on top of the grasses, everyone can enjoy the park as like in the nature.  I think this is one of the newest and coolest design idea of a park.

Bishan ParkP1160258

Let read more about the idea behind the design of the park if you are interested –

Bishan ParkP1160273

Isn’t it cool?  A headline and article in Civil Service website about the future of Singapore greenery plan –

“Singapore’s greenery plan has entered a new phase of development where conserving biodiversity and involving the community will further transform the island…  Going forward, the plan is to evolve Singapore into a City in a Garden—a
bustling metropolis nestled in a lush mantle of tropical greenery. To do this, we will be adding more sophistication to our greenery plan, conserving our natural heritage, and involving the community”.

I am looking forward to see how will Singapore transform in near future as a City in a Garden.

Bishan ParkP1160285

The roof-top garden is one of the common design in Singapore nowadays.  The picture above show a restaurant in Bishan Park with roof-top garden.  There are a number of quiet restaurants here and it has become one of the nice quiet place in Singapore to have breakfast and meals.

Bishan ParkP1160287

Bishan ParkP1160279

Bishan ParkP1160292

Visited Bishan Park in a nice morning with good weather or a lazy afternoon.  Saw the family enjoys the stream run through the park in nature setting, young people running on the path along the stream, see the kids laughing, see the fish swim or some people just like to read a book quietly under shade and etc.  Bishan Park and the stream has definitely successfully been injected with more life and has become a new place for Singaporean to spend time with family and nature.  Compare to the new Garden by the Bay at city centre, personally I would prefer Bishan Park.  Thanks to the designer of the park – Atelier Dreiseitl and the team.  They have done a great job.  Thanks to the government of Singapore too.  Not many government in the world are as good as them.

Bishan ParkP1160252

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