Nature of Love – Northern Snakehead Fish

Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) –

Hi, I am a Northern Snakehead fish.

In China, people call me as Filial Piety fish (孝鱼).  It is because our female fish will turn blind for a period of time when laying eggs and lost the ability to hunt for food.  To prevent the mother fish starved to death, the baby fishes rush and eagerly swim into the mouth of the mother fish to let the mother fish eat them all.  When the mother fish recovered, only one tenth of the baby fish will be survived.  What a beautiful story and how filial the baby fish.  I am so proud to be a Northern Snakehead fish.


Courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

Since I have eaten most of the baby fishes I laid, we have to do our best to protect the remaining.  Because of this, we were also known as a very good parent.  We will fight for our life to protect the baby fishes.  Normally, one will swim at the back and the other one stay at the front.   Whenever there is any danger, the male will normally stand out to face the danger first.

There was a reporter taken our photo showing how we looked after the baby fish in one of the wetland in Hangzhou –

Although I am a good and thoughtful fish who sacrifice ourselves when we were young to save our mom’s life, and also as a great parent really protect our baby fish, the human in Northern American still do not like me.  Because when we grew up, we become a big meat eater (carnivorous fish) and we really eat a lot.  This is a big disaster to the ecology because we almost eat all the other fish and creature in the territory where we live and we eat them all.  So now, the Northern American government has banned us from going in to the region.

See this poster, people really dislike me in Northern America –

Source of information –乌鳢

Snakehead fish Toman fishP1160322 - Internet

The author of this post has done a quick sketching of me based on a picture in Wikipedia.  I like this picture because it really make me look like a snake head.

Hm.. There is something I am still not sure.  In South East Asia, there is a fish that look like me.  The local people call them as Ikan Toman.  I have checked Wikipedia for more information.  Toman fish is called as Giant Snakehead Fish but I am Northern Snakehead or Argus Snakehead.  So I think we are different.  Probably we are just a long distanced relative.  By the way, since I am originated from China, I have a Chinese name too.    My Chinese name is 乌鳢 or 乌鱼。Some people call me 生鱼。

That’s all about me.


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