Java Bali 11 Days Itinerary – Yogyakarta Day 2

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0269

Day 2:             15 June 13 (Sat) – Yogyakarta

  • Breakfast at Gudeg Yu Djum – opened at 6am
  • Pasar Beringharjo
  • From Yogyakarta to Prambanan – 17km
  • Pick up taxi (arranged by Rumah Dharma ) from Jogya Dusun Village Inn to Prambanan Temples at 2:30pm
  • Lunch – Ayam Goreng Nyonya Suharti (on the way to Prambanan Temples)
  • Prambanan complex (Hindu temples) open daily from 6AM to 6PM /entrance ticket box closed at 17:15.
  • Buffet dinner at Prambanan Gdn Resto – Rp 75,000 / SGD 10 per pax (End up full house and ate Bakso at road side stall).  The Bakso noodle turned out very nice.   I missed this road side stall.
  • Watch Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan temple complex from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
  • Stayed at Rumah Dharma

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0261

Morning in Jogya Dusun Village Inn.

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0295

Photo above – Breakfast at Gudeg Yu Djum

According to Gudeg Yu Djum’s Facebook,  they use between 50 to 150 chickens on average a day and between 2,000 and 4,000 eggs!

Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the best spots to try the Jogya speciality, nasi gudeg (young jackfruit stewed in palm sugar, usually served with egg, chicken, tofu and some spicy buffalo skin).  It is located just outside of the Sultan’s Palace.  We opt not to try the buffalo skin.  In exchange, we have some other stuff but no sure what are those because all the ingredients almost in same colour.  I would expect it taste like Taiwan braised meat rice because the colour of the egg, chicken, tofu and etc has the same colour but it is not.  It is more in the sweet side.  A bit disappointed but the feeling of having a chance to taste a local specialty is good.  We are just to used to braised meat taste and it is not fair to judge the food in this way.  I would rate the food and place as 4 out of 5.  Whoever go to Jogja should try this out.  I craving a little bit for it now when I was writing this.

Good website about Gudeg Yu Djum –

Time Travel Turtle – Handle the heat or get out of the kitchen

GoBackpacking – Inside the Kitchen of a Famous Yogyakarta Restaurant

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0308

Photo above – A typical view of Jogya near the Sultan palace.

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0317

Photo above – A shy girl with her mother in a bookshop.

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0342

Photo above and below – A surprise durian stall / Soursop.

Soursop is called as “red hair durian” by Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore.  Red hair is a racial epithet describing Caucasian (White people).  It is originates from Hokkien (a dialet of Fujian Province of China) and is pronounced as Ang Moh.   So “red hair” durian is pronounced as Ang Moh Durian.


Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0332

Photo below –

It cost about S$3 to have a small rose tattoo and about $4 for a big lizard tattoo.  Near Bringharjo Market.  The temporary tattoo last about 2 weeks.  I chose to make a lizard tattoo at my arm to accompany me for the rest of the 10 days because according to local, it will chase away mosquito.

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0331


Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0336

Photo above –

Bringharjo Market is a big market selling typical souvenir and batik in the first few blocks of the building.  Walked a bit further you will see the more interesting section selling variety of fruits and vegetables.  It is big and dark inside.  The variety of fruits does not really fascinate us.  However, it is still  interesting to visit if you have time.  I prefer the market (Pasar Pabean) in Chinatown of Surabaya personally.  I found Pasar Pabean is more lively and the people are more friendlier there probably because no many tourists make to go Pasar Pabean in Surabaya.  For Bringharjo Market, my rating is 3 out of 5.   If I had more time in Jogja, I would also visit Kota Gade and Pasar Ngasem (Bird Market).

This is what I found about Pasar Ngasem (from –

The historic bird market might be a bit of a shock for those who have never set foot in a crowded and dirty Indonesian traditional market, but the rows and rows of wooden traditional bird cages make it a great haunt for photographers.

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0357

Photo above – Lunch at Ayam Goreng Nyonya Suharti.

Based on one of the comments from Internet about the friend chicken of Nyonya Suharti – no Western fried chicken chain will ever be good enough for you after this.

It is so popular that locals buy the chicken in bulk before flying out to visit their relatives elsewhere in Indonesia (because the headquarter is located on the way to airport).  Since it is also located on the way to Prambanan Temple, we decided to settle our lunch here.   And yes, it is a bit unhealthy, a bit salty, the chicken is a bit skinny (it seemed like all the chicken is skinny in Java) but it is very crispy and interesting.  To have a chance to taste the local famous friend chicken with the crowds is great.  I will rate the place, food and experience as 4 out of 5.  Must at least try if you are in Jogja.

Good website about Ayam Goreng Nyonya Sujarti –

The spicy crunch of Yogyakarta’s fried chicken 

Betty Loves Blogging 

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0409


Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0464

Photo above –

We are lucky to have good weather at Prambanan Temple.  See the golden light reflected on the temple and our face.  I was impressed with Prambanan Temple so I will rate it 4 out of 5.   It is a nice place to visit in the afternoon.  One of my friends who like to travel and who is good in photography has rented a bicycle to ride around the temple early morning and according to her, the atmosphere was good in morning with mist.

Photo below –

A good end of the day by watching the Ramayanan show next to Prambanan temple.  A world class performance that worth the rating of 4 out of 5.  If not because I have watched the Impression West Lake in Hangzhou of China, I would probably rate it as 5 out of 5.  Another thing to note is to buy the ticket in advance.  The cheaper tickets go fast.  We asked the help from Rumah Dharma  to purchase the tickets in advance and collect the ticket from the ticket booth at the entrance of the show.  Only the most expensive tickets left when we booked in morning the same day of the ballet

Website to check the available date for the show – 

Java Itinerary Day 2DSC_0583

Other useful website about Yogyakarta –

Yogyakarta places to eat by Travelfish  

Things to do when you only have 24 hours in Yogyakarta (by Jack and Jill Travel Around the World) 

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One Comment on “Java Bali 11 Days Itinerary – Yogyakarta Day 2

  1. Wow you visited a lot of cool places! I also watched the Ramayana Ballet last year when I came to Yogyakarta and it was very awesome indeed. I drooled over seeing the pictures in your post. Anyway, I happen to know that there are more interesting destination in Yogyakarta and Indonesia in general as I read – good reference if you love traveling to Indonesia. Nice post anyway.

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