Breakfast in Hotel Dua

Hotel Dua in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) is a good place to enjoy your breakfast with good selection of food in a elegant, classy and relaxing atmosphere.  With the price you pay for the room (about USD118 at my time of writing), the breakfast offered by the hotel (which is inclusive in the room rate) is really considered a lot higher than expectation.  It is a place for you to relax, to eat slowly with a lot of life style.  I will write another blog about the room and the hotel.  The breakfast itself can be qualified itself with an individual blog.

Black mixed with orange light in addition of the sunlight reflects from the drop down window, not a common colour for restaurant.  But it is a daring theme that can easily score full mark in designer’s eye.  I am sure it can easily attract open minded younger generation too with good sense of design.   As what the theme of the hotel indicate in their official website, to stay in a hotel is not just the “stay”, it is about to stay with character.

The food has the same standard with the interior design of the restaurant.  Based on the display of the food, the food container and the quality of preparation, it can be classified as fine dining breakfast based on my own rating.  It is an art by itself.

Porridge prepared by the chef on the spot with clam, shrimp, fish with tasty broth.

Good selection of fruits and salad.  They even have sushi for breakfast.

A five star display of food and interior design.  To eat is not just the food but the surrounding that mixed with it.  As what the hotel official website stated for etage 15 (the roof top restaurant where the breakfast is servered) – “It provides travellers with genuine and healthy breakfast, snacks and drinks in the morning.  Here you can overlook the best vision of Kaoshiung City and embrace the city street view and the scene of Chai Mountain”.

Hotel Dua –

No. 165, Linsen 1st Road, Sinsing District, Kaoshiung 800, Taiwan R.O.C

Tel – 886-7-272-2999


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