Casa Battlo in Barcelona – part II

Continue from my previous post – Casa Battlo in Barcelona – Part I.   We have spent almost one hour at the roof top of Casa Battlo and decided to move into the building to admire the interior of Gaudi’s work.  The interior is equally stunning.  Below (the next two images) are the first work we saw in one of the small room.  I slowly understand why Dali later compared Casa Battlo to “the tranquil waters of a lake”.   There are some image of windows and glasses below that may also give you a feeling of “the tranquil waters of a lake” (you need to imagine using your heart I assume).





This is another description from Rough Guide – “The sinuous interior, meanwhile, resembles the insides of some great organism, complete with snakeskin-patterned walls and window frames, fireplaces, doorways and staircases that display not a straight line between them”.    As what the Michelin Barcelona guidebook mentioned – “Gaudi has created a work of unsurpassed beauty. Staircases, roofs, door frames and windows, the use of light – everything is directly inspired by nature.  The undulation of the shapes reaches its climax with the spiral ceiling in the main hall”.

Well, I did not really read the guidebook description in detail before I go.  Because of the need of writing this blog, I read it again and I was shocked with the word “great organism” used by Rough Guide and “the use of light – everything is directly inspired by nature” described by Michelin Guidebook.  I had both of them while I were inside there.  Especially when I see the spiral ceiling in the main hall.   Because of this, I guess it is better to visit Casa Battlo during afternoon so you can take in both afternoon sunlight and evening incandescent light and observed how differently it create the effects with Gaudi’s work.












This is the actual entrance to the building (image below).  We accidentally visited the building in the reversed way and reached the entrance only at the end.  This has probably created a whole different feeling in term of visual impact.




This is another advantage to visit Casa Battlo in the evening.  You got the chance to take a picture with light turned on.  Does it look like a building in Harry Potter?

We really have a wonderful night with Casa Battlo in Barcelona.  Thanks to Gaudi.



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