Errantry Lodge 怡然居民宿

Mr and Mrs Jian of Errantry Lodge is one of the most hardworking homestay couple I encountered.  Once you have your room booked through Internet, Mr Jian will send you an informative email about how to come (including a good train schedule) and what to do in Hualian.  It gives you a good first impression.  Upon arrival, Mr Jian welcome us as if we were the super VIP of the day.  We were each assigned a pair of sterile shoe to use in the house before entered and Mr Jian continue brought us to our room with all the lights (the best lighting effect) and soft music already on.

Top layer of the house (forth floor) is a small garden.

I would say the most attractive area of the 4th stories building is the studio at the top floor with ample natural lights.  Mr. Jian used to stay and work in Taipei.  He decided to migrate to Hualian few years ago and opened this homestay with photography theme since photography is one of his hobby.

If you stayed for at least 2 days, you will get free studio shot (10 pictures with any pose you like) by Mr Jian.  I am definitely not a good model but you do not need to be a good model to enjoy this unique experience.  We had ten pictures taken and we were exhausted by posing.  It was really not easy to be a model and I am sure Mr. Jian has encountered a lot of stupid model like us who don’t know how to pose at all and kept laughing from begining till the end.

Photograph everywhere in the house.  Some are taken by Mr Jian.

Jigsaw puzzle hang on the wall.  The character in the jigsaw puzzle looks like Mr Jian’s daughter.

Mrs. Jian has prepared a very good and hearty breakfast for us.  You can see she really prepared with heart.   Yes!  It is the Taiwanese porridge with sweet potato she has prepared.   This was our second day breakfast.

Special tea cups made for Errantry Lodge.  Have a cup of tea after the breakfast before you start the day.

Mr. Jian likes to read.  One of the thing you could simply do here is to read the books Mr. has prepared.  He has also prepared different music for each individual room.  What more could one desire with all these preparation by Mr. Jian.

There are five different type of rooms in Errantry Lodge.

According to one of the taxi driver, the housing estate where Errantry Lodge located is considered a high class housing estate in Hualian.  We were not particular keen and impressed with the surrounding.  The strong points of Errantry Lodge is the hard work, sincerity and caring of Mr. Jian family.   The unique photography theme.  The good memory came even deeper during the last day when we left.  Mr. Jian family were waving their hands hard to send us off and wished we have a great journey for the subsequent trips.  It is like your friends that have been knowing since long time ago.   It just made your heart warm and simply become a highlight for the stay in Hualian.

A Youtube video about Errantry Lodge –

Errantry Lodge website –


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