La Fibule d’Or of Ait Benhaddou

The way from Marrakesh to Ait Benhaddou is breathtaking. From semi-dessert plain, crossing High Atlas snowcapped range, slowly descending and vegetarian starting to dried up but not all, you feel like you are at the edge of Sahara Dessert. With some table type mountains scatter around. We asked the bus to stop at the junction of the main road to Quarzazate. It is easy to just hire another taxi to travel another 9km from the junction to Ait Benhaddou.

Note: Be sure to take a good bus like CTM bus for the journey from Marrakesh. We took a local bus for the journey.. the bus is crowded and the air circulation is quite bad. Our muscle starts to feel numb and we almost out of concious when we reached the junction and have to rest for about an hour before we proceed with the 9km journey to Ait Benhaddou.

The red mud brick kabash of Ait Benhaddou is eye catching from far. The entrance of La Fibule D’or with bright blue door and mud wall gives us a lot of excitement upon arrival because you know you are going to stay in a local kabash house and feel it just in the middle of the kabash village. La Fibule D’or is opposite the famous red mud brick kabash of Ait Benhaddou just across a small river.

The terrace of La Fibule D’or has one of the most wonderful view we have in our 2 weeks Morocco trip (the other is the Atlantic Ocean view in one of the guest house we stayed in Essaouira – Dar Skala). It is a not to be missed view especially for photographer.

We stayed at the terrace from about 4pm until sunset. With the mint tea and snack served by La Fibule D’or. We woke up for sunrise the next day and the colour and scenary is even more beautiful with the morning golden light (see photo). After sunrise, we walked and climbed to the famous kabash. From the top, you will get another magnificent view of the village where La Fibule D’or located and the surrounding stone dessert.

Beside the view, the room is good (with kabash view) and clean. Decorated with some carpet and clothes on the wall. The room rate is good and it is inclusive of dinner and breakfast. Both the dinner and breakfast (see photo) are nice.

The owner who has acted in the movie Gradiator and some other movie is very friendly. He has a twin brother also works in the same place. They both look alike.

If you are looking for a feel to stay in a local kabash house, with friendly owner, basic comfort, good food and affordable rate, La Fibule D’or is an excellent choice. If you are photographer, stay here for the memorable view. The view will stay in your mind forever.


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