A Zhong Ge in Danshui 淡水A阿忠哥


This is A Zhong Ge (Brother A Zhong – We normally call somebody who is more senior than us as brother as a respect).  The one beside him is his wife.   Over 20 years, A Zhong Ge uses his traditional old camera captured the daily life of Danshui.  He converted a old machine house beside the old Danshui fishing habour to a nice little house to exihibit his work.  It is kind of nice to walk along the Danshui River from the subway, pass through the crowded Danshui market along the river and walk to this quiet part of Danshui (it takes probably 20 mins to walk to this part of Danshui from subway station).   There are a few cafes opened around the old fishing harbour.  Other scenes you may spot here are the fisherman boats park at the habour, the Guangyin Mountain opposite Danshui River, occasionally people fishing at the mound, kids running around and at the far end corner – is the little house of Ah Zhong Ge. 

Beside the photo display, Ah Zhong Ge also sell postcard printed with his photo and some simple dessert like red bean soup.   He provides some little bench in front of the house so you can enjoy the view while you having the soup (with the sounds of the wave hitting the shore).  This does not earn much for Ah Zhong Ge but it is sufficient to live with it.  The most rewarding part is to have a simple life style and continue to do what he like – capturing the daily life of Danshui people with his old camera.   

I wrote my blog site address to A Zhong Ge before I left and told him I will write about his little house in my blog.  He smiled in a contented way and said his eye sight is getting old and may not be able to see the screen too long and it is not clear too.  I joked back and said that is the reason why he can take so many nice photos of Danshui because he took it with heart instead of just eye.

Below – The little house of A Zhong Ge right next to the old fishing habour.  Converted from an old machine house.

Below – There is a green letter box in front of the house for you to send postcard.  

 Below – I am the only lady “postman” in Danshui.


 Below – The little bench provided by A Zhong Ge for you to enjoy the view of Danshui River and Guanyin Mountain.

Below – The old fishing habour.  It is quiet but there is no lack of activities.

Below – A nun visits A Zhong Ge’s shop.  


Below – Photo taken by A Zhong Ge as a postcard.

“Staring out at the ocean is a special way of living to people of Danshui”



 Below – A stamp for souvenir by A Zhong Ge. 


Below – How to walk from the subway station to A Zhong Ge little house.  Just walk along the river until you reach the old fishing habour.  And walk slowly to enjoy the breeze.  The time in Danshui should be slown 


A Zhong Ge has a nice blog with his updated photos – http://blog.yam.com/bnwphoto



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