Dar Melody

   Dar Melody is one of our best accomodation so far through out the past 15 years since I started my first backpacking trip.   It is located at Fez, Morrocco.  Run by a retired couple from France, Bernad and Laurence.  They decided to settle down at Dar Melody and not going back to France.  I said they are retired but trust me they looks young and energetic.  I think they just retired young.   Dar Melody is so good and it triggerred me to write my first comment in Trip Advisor.   This should be the best way to thanks Bernad and Laurence for the wonderful hospitality.   The following are extracted from the note I posted in Trip Advisor with some modification.  Our trip to Morocco was in mid November of 2011.

We stayed in Dar Melody for 3 nights. That’s our no. 10th days of our Morocco trip and we thought we have seen enough different kind of Morocco style house (with stunning and nice colourful interior always).. We have also stayed at different type of hotels before around the world from backpacker, resort, boutique and five star hotel and met different good owners and hotel staff.. But.. When we arrived Fes late at night, Bernard came all the way to pick us up by holding a board with “Dar Melody” on it.. our good memory start right at that moment until we left Fes.. We know it is going to be a memorable stay.

There are so many reasons why we picked Dar Melody as our best accomodation so far. Bernard and Laurence always offer the best as they can (I found another equivalent good accomodation in Hangzhou during my trip to China 2 weeks ago and I will post information  about the accomodation soon – ChaXiangLiShe).  Bernad and Laurence really run Dar Melody with passion. The lists are long to prove and here are some of them –

1. The breakfast is fabulous with French style fine dining arrangement. We have 3 different type of breakfast for our 3 days stay. Even the table clothes colour and decoration including the flower arrangement are different each day. Laurence are happy when she know we enjoy the breakfast she prepared.

2. The house is converted and restored from several old houses occupied by several local families before. The interior are great. It is in Moroccan style with a lot of touch up that make you feel nice. We just cannot control our surprise when we enter the main hall. Bernard and Laurence has installed a number of old doors and windows at the wall. This has made the high ceiling house looks even better. We can feel the owner has put a lot of thoughts to the house and also the rooms. We stay in Orange Room. There are some nice books in the room including one written by one of my favourite writer Orhan Pamuk. The room are tastefully decorated in orange theme. The bathroom is big and it is five star standard. The towel is big and warm The bed are soft and good to sleep and it make you don’t feel like wake up each morning. Nice cookies are prepared in a nice Moroccan style plate in the room for compliment on the first night. There are also other room decorated in different style and colour. You definitely need a lot of passion to set up such a place with so much details.

3. We chat a lot.. About the family.. About Fes.. About the food.. Bernad and Laurence treat us like part of the family. Bernard and Laurence also stay in the same house and they are very proud of the place. They are from Normandy.. There is a travel magazine mentioned before – “To meet the best people in the world, go to Normandy”. Bernard and Laurence are the best example..

There are a lot more to mention. I am not very good in writing so I have posted some Dar Melody photos to share.

Thanks Dar Melody for giving us such a good memory.

Photos below –

The Orange room (the only available room to book in Booking.com) cost us only US$65 but the size, deco, comfort and standard is five star.  There is a very big bathroom and a resting place with sofa.  It is unbelievable.

Photo below –

Orange Room big bathroom with a dryer / heater to keep the towels warm.  I don’t even have this in five star hotel.

Orange room with orange lamp.  Nice and good book provided for your reading pleasure.  One of them are written by one of my favourite writer Orhan Pamuk.  Book title – “Istanbul”.

Welcome biscuits and cookies in Moroccon style container for complimentary.

Another view of Orange room.   Orange room gives you a new perspective of orange colour.

Orange room with antique and huge window.

Another room with different colour theme.   Sorry.. I forgot the name of the room.

Another room with different colour.  I think it is called as blue room.  Simply as impressive as Orange room or more.

Blue room impressive and striking green bathroom.   We don’t normally use green colour for bathroom but Moroccan use it turns out very nice.  What an experience.  I cannot wait to take shower in a striking green bathroom.

Blue room – Art piece everywhere even the unique Moroccon style table lamp is stylish and artistic.

An impressive courtyard (sorry.. I forgot the Arab name for this) where we had our breakfast and serve as a lobby.

Our first day French style breakfast in blue theme.  Breakfast with smoked salmon, cheese, crepe, yogurt (with chestnut), kiwi, raddish red, orange + carrot, berries, scramble egg and etc.  Even the jam has many selection – Miel de Menthe, Miel d’Eucalyptus, Miel d’Oranger and etc.  It is jaw-dropping.  Simply amazing experience.  We told ourselves we have to  eat like French.

Second breakfast in purple theme and with different deco and flower arrangement.  Laurence woke up early to prepare all these.  She simply enjoyed.

Soft music is playing during breakfast time.

Award given by TripAdvisor in display.

Third day breakfast with local delights.

Another nice deco come with breakfast.

Dar Melody has a nice rooftop with good view.  Bernald and Laurence are very confident we will like the roof top.  Yes.. It is another great spot of the house.   But who care to come here when the room is already so nice.

A surprise colourful lighting reflect on the antique wooden window.

Finally, our group photo with Bernard and Laurence.  Great picture.

By the way, Dar Melody is right in the midlle of old medina. The location show in the Google Map is incorrect. I find the location is convenient. It is near to a few good eating places, taxi station (Place R’cif) and sights (Tanneries, Merdersa as-Seffarine, Place as-Seffarine). There is even a local market nearby (near Place R’cif).  The local medina style shopping street is right at the corner when you step out of the small lane from Dar Melody.

Note –

The following are the partial map of Fez I extracted from Lonely Planet Guidebook.  The point marked in blue is the rough location of Dar Melody.

21 (highlighted in red) is Tanneries.  One of the Fez most iconic sight where you can see how skins dyed in different colour in work.  A must for photographer to go.  I see the photo of Tanneires in all the photography book about Fez.

Place R’cif (Highligted in red), where you can catch local transport to other part of the old town easily.   There are some eating place and local market around here.

I have retured Fez map to Bernard and Laurence so I don’t know the exact point of Dar Melody.  The point I marked (highlighted in blue) is my rough guess of where Dar Melody located.

Note –

Although we indicated the location of Dar Melody is good, due to the over-whelming number of small lane in Fez, I think it is almost guarantee you will get lost one or twice in Fez.  Take it easy even when the locals insist to ask for tips to show you the way back.  We are lucky to have some locals to show our way for free with smile.


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