Shin Sapporo 新札幌

February 2012  –

The following photos are taken during my 3 weeks business trip in Shin Sapporo.  As usual, I spent most of the time to work during business trip.  The only time I able to walk around Shin Sapporo (where my hotel and office is located) is Sunday early morning.  The reasons why there is only Sunday morning left for me for Shin Sapporo is because Sunday is our only rest day and I reserved the rest of the precious day to visit Sapporo and Otaru (I will post the photo of Sapporo and Otaru and definitely the famous Hokkaido crusine – Yes.. The famous Hokkaido ramem and king crab in future).

There is not much to see in Shin Sapporo.  I tried to search the web and could not find any good information about Shin Sapporo.  I would say it is an outskirt of Sapporo city.  About 20 minutes away with train ride.  It is probably most famous for its Shin-Sapporo station (新札幌駅) connected with JR (Japan Railway) line and also with a subway line connected to Sapporo and Otaru.  There are a number of restaurants and shopping centre surrounded the station. 

I walked around our hotel and managed to find a small shrine, a stream, several car seller and retail shops, a playground and neighbourhood.  There is a school around too.  The unpretentious atmosphere, heavy accumulation of snow and frequet snow fall make the place unique to me.  

I brought two camera for this trip.  The following photos are all taken by Nikon D90 + AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm len.

One of the morning after heavy snow fall.  Taken through one of the window from our hotel (Shin-Sapporo Sheraton Hotel).

The snow accumulated beside the walk way is thick and stunning especially for us who is from tropics.   It is hard to express the feeling through picture.  The morning light that reflect on the snow from the side with different layer of shadow probably is the best way to reflect.   I took the photo from low angle and waited for a passer-by to form as a subject of focus.

A school with the field all covered with snow.

One of the morning with the road all covered by snow.  Normally the snow will be cleared by snow plough by the time we wake up but there are exceptional sometimes.  That must be a heavy snow last night.

Uniform pattern of chaotic and complexity sometimes can be beautiful.  

Waiting for summer to come…

A true white christmas.. everything in white including the car.

It looks like a scene in the movie.  The strong wind blow away the snow from the roof.  It is a harsh weather. 

A car park remain untouched with snow covered except the myterious foot print..


Another walk way with thick snow.  It is slippery.  I have to walk extremely careful while I was trying to find the best angle to take the picture.  My hand is bitterly cold to hold the camera while waiting for the best passer-by to form part of the subject of the photo.  I could have kept my hand in the pocket of my warm down jacket.

This is another view of my hotel room with clear weather.  I guess that must be Sapporo city.

Poetic winter tree left only with branch – part 1.

Poetic winter tree left only with branch – part 2.

Poetic winter tree left only with branch – part 3.


A mother and daughter walked in strong wind and bitterly cold weather.  Snow started to fall heavily in 5 minutes.  

 I purposely leave 2/3 of the photo with the snow. 

Beautiful snow tree.. Another heavy snow last night.

Everything is white and grey.  Some neighbourhood has painted the wall with slightly striking colour.  This forms a nice pattern with the roof top snow.

All the cars park in front of  a car seller office are frozen.

One of the Shin-Sapporo suburb view.

Poetic winter tree left only with branch – part 4.

Whiteness is an abstraction.

Poetic winter tree left with branch – part 5.

A little shrine behind our hotel. 

The electricity power tower at the backdrop with snowy and foggy weather.

Easily can be a scence of a sad movie..  A mother and child walking on the street with heavy snow and leafless tree..

Only needled leave forest tree manage to survice the cold winter.

A photo taken just to show how heavy and thick is the snow.  Almost the whole car park signboard was covered by snow.



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