Agriculture Tourism

When I studied in UK 14 years ago, I remember the school notice board has listed many summer jobs to work in farm.  It can a strawberry farm in England or a farm in Denmark to collect eggs.  The summer jobs look attractive to me especially for the experience to work in a farm.  I am always hope I can be a wilder person by getting more to the nature.  I did not take action at that time and end up I worked in a local grocery shop in the outskirt of Oxford.  The summer job earned me the pocket money to travel Europe at the end of my degree study so I never feel regret about it.  The little desire to try the farm life keep remain hidden in my mind until now since then.    

It is during one of the sleepless night.   I decided to read the National Geographic Traveller Magazine and I found there was an article introduce about Homestay.  Most of the websites offer homestay are not free but there is one free site that catch my eye.  My little hidden desire to work in farm may come true again because the free site is a about Agriculture Tourism.   Not to waste anymore time, I opened my notebook and accessed to my blog.   I decided to list the site in my blog to share. 

Agritourismworld is a free website for people who would like to list their farm for available activities.   You can choose the farm from different catogories and find the farm stay you would like to join. 

These are some of the interesting posting I got from the website under Herb Garden categories –

Aloha Farm (Palawan, Phillipines)
We are a small organic farm & orphanage. We have food products for sale like wild honey, chili garlands, produce etc. Also pick your own produce. We train families on sustainable agriculture. We have a playground & waterslide for the children

Agritourism at Tarquinia discover the etruscan area (Italy)
In our restaurant is it possible to taste Tarquinia’s specialities, for exemple: the ” pasta ” prepared by hand by our workmen; You can eat the fruit and vegetables that every season offer. In this way our guest can enjoy of the real savours of the past. You can drink a very good wine derived from our grapes. It is possible to buy pots of vegetables under oil, biscuits, jams, horticulture’s products of our factory. In our factories there is also a little area where we prepare very good liqueurs. We have also 13 suites with tipical furniture. We’re also organized as beautifarm with a swimming- and whirlpool, sauna and relaxing and care for your body. We organize weddings, days with topics, tours with degustations of our products (also mountainbike tour).

Agrotourism Kalpic Adriatic coast Croatia
Agritourism on Adriatic coast in Croatia. Quiet place situated near national park Krka. Accomodation in stonebuilding romantic houses. Traditional food and much more…

Enjoy the site and hope it may give some idea for your next holiday!  And share your farm stay story if there is any.


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