Woha 2050

Information and photos extracted mainly from the following blog –


It is about WOHA presantation of “architects save the world and bring joy to the millions” – A masterplan for Singapore for the year of 2050.

The projects were compiled into a newspaper “strange times” dated Nov 24th, 2050.  To view more of the article –


The masterplan 2050 draws on CPR2100, an original proposal which first introduced a coastal protective ring(CPR) around singapore with overall scheme of four quadrants: sun city (red area in the map), bay of tides, east coast parkland (in yellow) and jurong plantations (in light green).

Inspired by halong bay:  The mountains were built as part of the CPR development and are not a natural part of the landscape.

The suzon S-088 wind turbine developed especially to work with Singapore’s light wind conditions.


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