Mt Kibabalu 神山

On evocative Borneo, in the semi-autonomous Malaysia state of Sabah, rises the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea – Mt Kinabalu (4095m).  The good news is that Mt Kinabalu is one of the easiest climbs among the world's high peaks, and atop its summit you may even be greeted by an international view – on a clear day you can see the Phillippines from the summit.  Clear days are rare, however, and dawn on the summit is often an all-too-brief glimpse across Bornoe before the clouds roll in along the mountainous spine – Lonely Planet "A Year of Adventures"

We came here during early April and we are very fortunate to have a clear day on top.  Please do bring your camera along for the summit climb (most people climb as far as Laban Rata or nearby huts on the first day, then climb to the summit at dawn) no matter how tired you are.  The view up there are simply amazing. 

The picture shown below is one of the most recognised peak – South Peak (4055m).



One Comment on “Mt Kibabalu 神山

  1. Is it the original color? No, right? Just want to know how is it in not white and black.

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