Corn field of Iowa 爱荷华的玉米田

Central US has the biggest corn belt in the world.  The farmers sell the best quality corn to feed the cow to produce the best quality beef.  I am lucky to know a friend whose parent own a big piece of corn field in Iowa.  They plant soya bean too because the demand is big in Asia.  I stayed in the farm for a night.  Had a traditional American farm meal (with a lot of sweet corns), a good dinner with the best Iowa steak, ride a self created train made by empty oil container created by the grandpa specially for the grandchildren.  We climbed a tree house made by the grandpa too and went for a Sunday church service together.  At the end of my trip, the grandma has prepared me a box of sweet corns, fresh eggs and peach (planted by the nearest neighbour who stayed almost 4 to 5 km away). This is the first time I have the chance to stay with a American family and it is really a very memory.  Love is in fact can be present at every corner of our planet. 

DSC_0091 Iowa


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